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The Public Education from the Home to the Doctorate (PHD) philosophy is simply- the idea that all
underprivileged children should receive the opportunity for post secondary education along with the
necessary strategic guidance integrated into a child’s learning environment. These innovative strategies
begin with parental support at home and continue into programming crafted by PHD, introduced as early as
kindergarten. The PHD program was first implemented as a 21st Century Community Learning Center in the
South Texas poverty-stricken school district of San Benito, a town of about 25,000 residents. The PHD
program began as an after school and adult education program for the entire community. PHD Vision
focused on instilling a post secondary educational vision in grades K-12 and offered adult programs in GED,
ESL (English as a Second Language), and various career planning activities, allowing for the resumption of

PHD Vision was founded by Edwin Barrera, former director of the highly successful PHD after school
program, inspired by the idea of higher education opportunities for every student. PHD Vision provides a
unique blend of educational and cultural experiences throughout various school districts in the Rio Grande
Valley and Richmond County, Georgia. PHD Vision is not merely a business providing a service for financial
gain; it is a ministry that strives for the continual improvement of society through the writing and designing of
grants to provide individual students an opportunity to dream and succeed in the fulfillment of that dream.
PHD Vision spearheads this effort in partnership with model school districts, business associations, and
individuals. PHD Vision was founded on the principle of improving the standard of living through education.
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