Definitions for important technical terms used in the world of grant writing.

Here are some common ones:

LEA (local education agency, e.g. school district);
SEA (state education agency);
IHE (institution of higher education, e.g. college/university);
RFP (request for proposals);
RFA (request for applications);
SGA (solicitation for grant assistance);
NOFA (notice of funding availability);
HUD (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development);
CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Program);
CSBG (Community Services Block Grant Program);
EDA (Economic Development Administration);
EDR (Economic Development Representative);
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency);
DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services);
SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration);
GFA (Guidance for Applicants);
PA (Program Announcement);
OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention;
COPS (Community Oriented Police Services);
CBO (community-based organization);
FBO (faith-based organization);
FY (fiscal year);
TEA (Texas Education Agency);
21st CCLC (21st Century Community Learning Center)
UPARR (Urban Parks and Recreation Recovery)

Grant Implementation


Company Scope and Procedure

Q: Can PHD Vision guarantee that our organization's grant proposal will be funded if hired to write?  
A: No. To our knowledge there isn't a legitimate grant writing firm that can make and keep such a claim. Pursuing grant funding
has always involved the risk of being denied funding- despite our success record the possibility is always there. However, to best
serve our clients, PHD Vision offers the service of re-writing a grant if it is not funded (conditions must be met; call for details).

Q: Can you help students find grants for college?
A: No. We conduct our business mostly with school districts, non-profits and CBOs.

Q: Are there grants available to start a business?
A: Unfortunately, there are not many grants available for profit-making businesses. Government and foundation funded grants
usually aim to assist non-profit organizations, education agencies, public organizations, and high tech - research oriented
businesses, with few exceptions. There are also grant funds available for businesses that partner with a non-profit organization to
provide community-focused related programs and services. If you are planning to start a profit-making business that does not fit
within these grant eligible categories, we recommend looking at the federal government's Small Business Administration (SBA)
website at www.sba.gov - or e-mailing the Resource Associates’ Grant Wizard to inquire about your businesses’ grant eligibility.

Q: Can our organization pay for grant writing services out of grant funds once the grant is awarded?
A: No. It is against company policy to receive payment in this manner. PHD Vision will not place their clients at risk of fraud by
charging for grant writing on any contingency plans. Funding agencies usually do not allow for grant money to be used to pay for
services rendered prior to an award.
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