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Although PHD Vision's success in After School Programming grant design has led
us to specialize in developing Educational Grants, our abilities are not limited to
education. Our commitment is to help build a stronger more positive community. If
you or your organization share this
Vision, then perhaps we can help with:
Grant Writing and Design
    We offer unique design formulas that integrate your organization's needs
    and wants into the grant proposal. Alongside your Design Team, we create
    a customized design that fuses innovation and research seamlessly,
    providing you with a professional quality grant. We fully develop all narrative
    and budget components and submit it to the funding agency on your behalf
    once finished (if allowed permission/access to online account). We also
    aide in attaining valuable supportive documentation, sometimes required,  
    that gives your proposal the edge in what can be a very fierce competition
    for funding.
    We do not simply offer evaluation services for an organization's program
    from an external viewpoint but offer key-points of revision and refinement.
    Our evaluation methods vary and adapt according to the developmental
    phase of your program. Evaluations include qualitative and quantitative

    PHD Vision has knowledgeable consultants with first-hand experience in
    various educational areas. We guide you through your program by sharing
    the ins and outs of best practices and also help you avoid any technical trip-
    ups. Our professional staff can help to alleviate the stress of managing a
    program without any previous experience. Ensuring that your goals and
    objectives are met enhances your program's vitality  and the likelihood of
    future funding.
    Let us explore grant availability and suitability for your organization through
    an array of federal, state and foundation grants. We then narrow the search,
    isolate the best candidate and proceed to develop the grant application
    from there.

Professional Development
    Get the most out of your program by investing in your staff! Optimize your
    program by having your staff trained by our experienced consultants. We
    accelerate and guide you through the learning curve train associated with
    the start-up of a grant of any element that will be essential in using your
    funding optimally. Some trainings include the opportunities to witness
    programs that are currently operating, enabling clients to converse and
    develop networks with the program's staff. Many of our clients continue to
    network and partner together after our servicing them.
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