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PHD Vision has fourteen years of experience in managing, designing, and evaluating grants in
diverse areas such as: health, education, business, and labor.  We believe the key to our grants'
success,  lies in the degree in which the grant, following initial funding, is managed and
nurtured by it's recipients. The following are some of the
keystones we incorporate into every
winning PHD Vision grant design:

Creativity and Customization- PHD Vision begins the grant writing process by establishing a
Design Team, consisting of PHD Vision staff and stake-holders (e.g. grantees and board
members). The Team is then familiarizing the team with the prospective area and those
circumstances unique to the area through research, then proceed toward customizing a design
that is feasible, unique, and sustainable. All grant designs include experts in the field who,
through a facilitative process, can best express possible solutions for the local problems
sought to be addressed by the grant. A grant model cannot succeed unless those working out in
the field actually running the grant, believe it can work and take ownership of the product.

Higher Education and Workforce Focus- PHD Vision believes that seeking higher education
should be a major goal for all individuals and that through higher education  anyone can achieve
a greater standard of living. We also think that people should have the opportunity to work in a
field where they feel comfortable and content. By the grants that we design we enable people to
have opportunities to enjoy better working conditions and pay.
Holistic and Family Approach-Not all problems can be solved by a single method so in our
customized grant designs we try to overcome obstacles through holistic planning and try to
encourage family involvement in solving educational and workforce problems.

Partnerships and Leveraging Resources- It is not pride or recognition that we seek as a
business, but the promotion of the general welfare to those individuals who will be directly and
positively impacted by the projects that we take on. We strongly believe that organized and active
teamwork is necessary in order to make the most positive impact on an individual, city, region,
or state.

Best Practices and Research Based Methodology- In our pursuit of grant funds for entities, we
believe in working hard as well as smart.  We take practices that have been recognized as the
best through research and implement them in a customized fashion into all of our grant
proposals. It is a waste of time to reinvent the wheel each time we start to create a new grant
design so we research what works and fit it into the geographical region to be impacted.

Refinements and Evaluations- Winning grant designs are good but hardly perfect. We feel that it
is absolutely necessary to refine aspects of programs during operation so as to strive toward
perfection in order to cover all possible angles or to prevent problems from occurring. PHD
Vision feels that an external evaluation is critical in the operation of any business or program to
ensure unbiased results. All grants that we are involved with are given a thorough evaluation of
all aspects of the grant.    

Organizational Clarity and Fiscal Agent Support-In order for grants to be successful, part of our
philosophy includes clear roles for individuals from management to hourly workers with an
abundance of goals to remain organized and focused on the tasks ahead. We believe that all
partners should cooperate and receive support from the fiscal agent by sharing information and
program findings.

Quality Management and Training- PHD Vision’s philosophy also includes superior training of
all staff that will be involved in the operation of grants to ensure quality programming. We feel
that it is necessary to have management and staff involved in grant programs that will be
sensitive to the needs and struggles of all targeted participants. We believe that well- rounded,
educated, professionals should be a part of the management team in the implementation of
grant programs.

Sustainability and Replication- PHD Vision believes that sustainability is one of the most
important factors in any grant project. One of our main goals is to create an independent grant
program that begins as a dependent grant project. We do sufficient tracking of all program
evaluation results in order to ensure the possibility of replication of certain aspects of projects
that we have been involved with.
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