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    After School Programs In Action

    The Richmond County Board of Education in Augusta, Georgia is home to Project FAMILY. In conjunction with Project
    HOPE the two 21st CCLC programs RCBE currently has nine after school sites in operation.
    21st CCLC - Project FAMILY- Richmond County, Georgia

    21st CCLC - Project GRAD- San Benito, Texas

    Helpful Sites

    Texas Education Agency's guidelines & requirements
    Grants Management Resources

    Unfortunately, The National Center for Community Education officially closed its doors of service on June 30, 2006.
    However, their website is still up and provides useful information and links to their partners.
    National Center for Community Education

    "NCEA's mission is to provide leadership to those who build learning communities in response to individual and
    community needs." - NCEA's Mission Statement
    National Community Education Association

    The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory® (NCREL) was one of 10 federally funded laboratories whose
    contract to operate ended in 2005. Learning Point Associates conducted the work of NCREL, and many of the resources
    developed under this contract remain accessible through their website. Very informative material.
    North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

    The vast and ever-expanding federal source for educational grant/contract, research/statistics, NCLB and policy
    United States Department of Education

    The Promising Practices Network site features summaries of programs and practices that are proven to improve
    outcomes for children. All of the information on the site has been carefully screened for scientific rigor, relevance, and
    Promising Practices in After School

    The mission of the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) is to solve significant problems facing
    educational systems and communities to ensure a quality education for all learners.
    Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

    The Afterschool Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of afterschool
    programs and advocating for quality, affordable programs for all children. It is supported by a group of public, private and
    nonprofit organizations that share the Alliance's vision of ensuring that all children have access to afterschool programs
    by 2010.
    After School Alliance

Our mission is to provide parents and educators with quality products that teach children to become lifelong achievers with
positive character.

The factors that ensure consistent and repeatable winning and success are teachable and learnable.  That is the main tenet
of ReBrilliance, and we are dedicated to providing children and adolescents with lifelong skills for achieving success.  The
result of more than 15 years of research and application in the field, ReBrilliance solutions provide concrete methods for
dealing with challenge and adversity and achieving success.  For young people in every walk of life, the ReBrilliance
educational processes bring new confidence, joy in achievement, positive attitude and the ability to win consistently.

Founder Robert Newberry is a public school guidance counselor whose principal concern is helping children become
achievers.  He has devoted much of his time over the last two decades learning about and reflecting upon achievement and
success for children as an educator and a parent.  He resides in Central New York with his wife of 30 years, Mary Jo.

ReBrilliance Homepage
Think Like A King® is a comprehensive software system that lets schools or families use chess to help kids build the critical
thinking skills they'll need for learning… and for life.

At school, it's an entire system that addresses all the needs of a chess club, from Management to Motivation to Teaching. So
any school can have an expert chess program even without a chess expert.

At home, our engaging interactive chess tutorials make learning chess easier and more fun than ever. You'll find everything
you need to help your kids become better chess players and better thinkers. It's like having a personal chess tutor on call

Think Like A King is more than just great software. It's a nationwide project to promote chess as an educational activity that
provides the tools to promote successful thinking for a successful life. No wonder Think Like A King has become the Official
Scholastic Software of the United States Chess Federation.

Think Like A King Homepage
The mission of Su Casa de Esperanza (Your House of Hope) is to improve the quality of life of children through a faith-based
family education program.

Our vision is to impact the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, economical, and social well-being of families in South
Texas colonias, nearly all of whom live in poverty.

We invite you to explore our website to discover more about our mission, programs, staff and supporters.

Su Casa de Esperanza Homepage
The San Benito County Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of creating, promoting, and celebrating
economic vitality within San Benito County by providing resources to businesses and individuals.

The San Benito Chamber of Commerce Homepage
The START Center Vision Statement is "To provide necessary programs to move families from the periphery into the
mainstream of the Rio Grande Valley economy through the use of a proactive strategy."

Our Strategic Intent "The START Center strategy will be to proactively assist the residents of Rio Grande Valley in educational
and life skill development while exploiting partnerships with government, foundations and other relevant stakeholders to
gain access to additional financial resources to address growth and performance needs for the citizens and business

The Start Center Homepage
Cameron Works’ goal is to create economic growth and an enhanced quality of life for the citizens and employers of
Cameron County.  We are providing this resource to serve our customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Jobseekers, employers, and other members of our local community may be able to access service information on childcare,
education, training, and employment services that are offered through our Cameron Works Workforce Centers.

Cameron Works
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Think Like A King
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Su Casa de Esperanza
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San Benito Chamber of Commerce
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The Start Center
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Cameron Works
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